Parking Information for Sunset Milonga Half and Half

The closest parking is at the Pangea parking structure (street-level and roof level) at the corner of Pangea Drive and Scholars Drive. It is located about 2 minutes walking from Institute of the Americas.

Pangea has parking permit pay stations located in the structure. The cost is $1/45 minutes, so you would pay $4 for 3 hours of parking, $5 for 3 hours 45 minutes of parking, $6 for 5 hours of parking. After 11pm, no parking permits are required.

The cheaper option is to buy a One-Night Pass for $3. These passes are valid beginning at 4:30pm. They are only available at the North Point Drive visitor kiosk.  To get there, head north on North Torrey Pines Road.  Turn right on North Point Drive and go about 2 blocks.  The kiosk will be on your right, in a roundabout.


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